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Private Island Paradise: Telunas

Travel is the only thing you spend on that makes you richer; it gives more than it takes. The most precious part of every vacation and journey is to witness and experience life and its people in their most genuine form. Sometimes, such ‘rawness’ is the most precious. Eventually, everything and everyone gets polished over time and what is now will run down the stream and loses its essence to the ocean of limitless memories; archived or even forgotten. So, ’embrace’ is what this new establishment, named Telunas, reminds me. After two boat rides; two and a half hours on the South China Sea, witnessing the weather transitioned from gloomy to glorious upon arrival was quite a welcome scene. Part of The Riau Islands Province of Indonesia, Telunas Resorts greeted warmly at its recent expansion acquired in June 2014, known as Telunas Private Island. Unless you opt for a sim card, zero network connectivity had me at hello.

Sitting next to it is Sugi Island, where their existing flagship beach resort is located. While that is a bigger compound on a bigger island compared to the new one, boasting more facilities and a private beach, the difference is it still is not a private island on its own. Both locations have overwater rooms, the new private island establishment boasts an all sea villas concept with more spacious private decks. Frankly, sea villas are my soft spot! This is a place perfect for those who seek comfort in some form of privacy, serenity and simplicity that also comes with good customer service. I thought they balanced it really well. Leisurely, for the curious cats who do not just want to stay put, daily boat shuttles are available between the two resorts, as well as scheduled trips to check out the mangrove forests and villages in the vicinity. My favourite part was the easy access to paddle boards and kayaks for a mid-day off-island exploration, in case one finds fishing from the balcony of the villas is rather an old man’s deal — but really, the picturesque view is so soothing. (;

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”
— F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby  

It’s an oasis of serenity — having my feet to the ground and losing myself in the arms of the glorious mother nature; such beauty with so much grace and power lured me not just to the sea but also wandered freely for as far as I could go… into the woods would take you to where another private beach sits; at the back of the main entrance of this island. This place is as amazing as it gets; any more would probably lost it.

Love how the privacy of this island makes me wonder, and I believe wondering is the basis of human’s desire. Every evening I laid on the sun bed of my villa’s deck, this image of myself in a semi-conscious state of mind, being swept by the ocean onto the sandy shore — I could be a mermaid being washed up on land. Feeling the ocean breeze smothered my face, my eyes gently closed, my ears searched for themselves a rather muffled sound made by the movement of palm leaves, and where the consistent combing of waves drowned it out in a peaceful rhythm. At that point, I wasn’t even certain if I had fallen asleep and brought the rhythm over to my dream all night…, but I definitely woke up on the balcony every morning.

  • Break of dawn from the balcony of Telunas Private Island overwater villa. Sunrise moment.
  • Pesh awaiting sunrise from the balcony of Telunas Private Island overwater villa.
  • Sunrise stages from the balcony of Telunas Private Island overwater villa.
  • Sunrise stages from the balcony of Telunas Private Island overwater villa.
  • Most beautiful Sunrise from the balcony of Telunas Private Island overwater villa.
  • Pesh chasing Sunrise from the balcony of Telunas Private Island overwater villa.

“What I know for sure is that every sunrise is like a new page, a chance to right ourselves and receive each day in all its glory. Each day is a wonder.” — Oprah Winfrey

Scroll through the gallery above; it shows (one of) the highlight(s) of this place. As my blurred vision slowly come to full focus and find myself being greeted by the beauty of first light, I always felt so blessed and adored. I documented a few different stages of sunrise here just to share the love. What an incredible view sitting right before the balconies of the water villas (and my eyes). I love the warmth from the sunrise kissing my cheeks, and the glory of light it brings is one of the greatest treat to my soul. Seriously, how can we ever repay all wonderment that mother nature has given us? 

Enjoying sunrise on Telunas Private Island Resort.

Place: Telunas Private Island | Location: The Riau Islands Province, Indonesia

Shirt: Editor’s Market | Shorts: Mustang Denim | Swimwear: A Starlet Is Born | Jewellery: HAUS OF PESH

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