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Mood: Summer Suns

“Salt is added to dried rose petals with perfume and spices, when we store them away in the covered jars, the summers of our past.” — Wallace Stegner  

Bringing back those memories… There were images in my head, of myself travelled across the waters, not too far from home, to a corner of an island where I sought to be caressed by the ocean breeze. Actually, more than that; I set a couple days to chase the rise and set off the sun — something I really loved doing. In my archives, sits the collection of last summer’s beach vacation with vibes bursting through the visuals as it did in real life, and still do from inside of me now. This feeling is a repeated cycle as I looked through them, well-served by the beauty and purpose of photography. These were the moments I needed most, to build a bond from my head through my heart and into my soul.

I can’t remember when it all started; I have this desire of chasing the best of summer suns. With so much joy and gratitude it brings every time — sunrise reminds me of a beautiful beginning we are constantly offered so generously by nature. It is nothing but an impressive auto reset button for a significant reason, I believe. As we live through all day, sunset in its dramatic yet comforting touch, does a great job at giving us a pat on the back ever so lovingly, whispering ease to our hearts saying, “Hey pal, today you did well. You may let it go for now.”

Being near the waters also allow myself to immensely indulged in listening to the intimacy of waves ploughed through the shoreline like lovers who couldn’t let go. To be exact, the perfect audio is everything the voice of nature has to sing. Truly, regardless by the ocean or not, have you/we realised that being present at sunrise and sunset periods will take us on a journey from the noisy outer world of systems to a peaceful, calming and silent inner world of our own — an aspect of flow state, I feel we should all seek… but rarely so.

Fortunately every time I do, is a wonderful time!


Location: Batam, Indonesia | Venue: Turi Beach Resort


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