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How To Style Parisian Rock, For YSL Beauty.

YSL beauty, with cosmetics like lipstick, blush and primer.

I have not thoroughly dressed in my element and gone out to “play” for awhile, so glad Yves Saint Laurent beauty club gave me an opportunity. So it’s time for the beauty girlies and lipstick glory! YSL held its party of the year at its very own pop-up playhouse. All invited living dolls were dressed with a punch — such a vibe! Hence, I thought I’ll go through my take on the theme ‘Parisian Rock’.

In fashion styling, layering is key, most fun, and the best strategy for (different and any) occasion(s). It makes a hot person looks cooler, and a cool person hotter. (gosh, I’m so not funny). Anyway, here I had incorporated 3 layers and couple of details I loved; such as fringe and popping metallics! It might sound a little too much but really, sometimes, we can have everything we want 😛

Strategic planning & visual directing on the canvas

Imagine I am a canvas and I worked with a clean black base for my top and bottom. The top has a layer of fringe all around the waist. Additionally, I added a lightweight outer layer (with fringe detail) to add more volume. The fringe accentuated fluidity of my movement (a style/effect I really like) to enhance the stillness of dark solid colour blocks. Silver metallic faux leather jacket as the outer most layer will catch the first attention. Then led the eyes to the matching body chain by HAUS OF PESH jewellery. These blings were designed as a trusty lifeline that never fails to make anyone shine in any situation.

As for the feet, my favourite tie-up pointed-toe stilettos in black not only complimented the visual of lines, and also kept the edginess in check. With quite a few things hanging around, having the hair tied up is a good way to not be fiddling with the tresses messes. I chose a high and wavy ponytail that evenly distributed weight visually from top to bottom of my entire body. Not only did the curvature of waves added a new dimension to the straight-lined details, it also added some volume on the top as a balance.

“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.” — Elizabeth Taylor

The light of beauty

My mom instilled in me an understanding that the most important cosmetics we should at least have on, is a lipstick. It brings tremendous amount of life and light onto our faces. So I finished off hot with a lip statement by YSL. I think in advertising, selling cosmetics, especially lipstick, is like selling a hope. The key weapon that possess the power to transform, to a great extent, the appearance and mood of the wearer which, in return, drives in the admiration from the lookers.

As I set foot into the buzzing dollhouse, its dark interior lit with neon lights, and a variety of playful surprises across different rooms (I forgot to take pictures in some…) got me excited. The feeling of intoxication just by submerging in its vibrancy was as though, the little blood-sucking dracula in me had thoroughly enjoyed the process of consuming blood through my vision.

Nonetheless, it was a night of groovy tracks, clink-clanks of champagne glasses, doll-like humans set in one of the chic-est beauty line, twirling around in the dancing lights. Amazing start to the weekend!

Full Outfit: Zara | Body Chain: HAUS OF PESH | Ear Studs: ALESSI | Clutch: Alexander McQueen | Heels: Schutz | Hair: CINQ | Lipstick: YSL Rouge Our Couture 01

Signing off, Whispers of Pesh

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