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Closet: Favourites

“Love was a feeling completely bound up with colors, like thousands of rainbows superimposed one on top of the other.” — Paulo Coelho  

Been running errands these day in all my favourites head to toe. While I’m obsessed with colours, my current flavour is based on white and a tinge of gold kind of situation. An overall look that does nothing wild and woolly, yet at the same time elevates the clean canvas. If you are a fan of details like myself, let’s zoom into some interesting stuff! (Please excuse the Celine Trapeze bag, it was not part of the plan but I tried to let it fit in, haha)
My favourite collection from Louis Vuitton is their tribute to Stephan Sprouse; with fluorescent type across the base (in this case orange on the Neverfull bag) of their classic brown monogram which usually exudes a more mature and down-to-earth vibe, now gives a youthful spike of energy in the look.
To take it up a notch from this warm colours combination scheme that I loved very much, is an extremely old-rich palette of royalty, that involves orange and gold in my favourite timepiece. In the studies of colours psychology, people in general either love orange or they don’t, and with the addition of gold in such uncommon and bold palette greatly enhances this psychological effects. However, it leaves a great impression and a strong statement.
Mellowing it down slightly and make it more fun as I always will, I threw in my favourite pointed-toe loafer that’s designed to sit between old classic and modern chic. It has a rose-gold metallic surface that complements the touch of gold yet also modernizes the old-rich from the timepiece — a great equalizing component to the look. Together with the blazer without lapels, smartens up with all the playful details.
Color and vibes matching jewellery that I design to bling up some of that attitude as a statement. Dressing up in my favourite pieces make me walk with lighter footsteps, and bring along a brighter and wider smile on my face! (:

Shirt Dress: Factorie | Blazer: C&A | Shoes: Pedro | Bags: Louis Vuitton, Celine | Jewelry: HAUS OF PESH | Watch: Hublot

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