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The SINTER (which means Santa in Dutch) basically depicts the pureness of joy as well as bizarreness from the children and the poor families' perception of their "hero"
St. Nicholas, the Patron Saint of Children, is the cornerstone of the Santa Claus tradition. He was born in Patara, Asia Minor and was said to have traveled to Egypt and other places as well. He befriended children and visited their homes leaving gifts. He did this late at night, so he would remain anonymous. The legend of the Christmas stocking is also linked with St. Nicholas. The story came upon when a poor man had no money for his three daughters wedding drowry. The girls left their stockings by the fire to dry and St. Nicholas dropped three bags of gold in their stockings. Children all over the world hang stockings by the fireplace, in hopes that St. Nicholas or Santa Claus might stop by. This very piece of body armor definitely gives you an edge in any occasion. Coolness and glamour go well hand in hand!

Zigzag detailed metal chains matched with cross pendant topped in rhinestones embellishment.