HAUS OF PESH jewelry is lovingly crafted with intricate details and delicate components. They are to be handled gently and with great care during usage. You are also advised to keep them away in an appropriate manner when not in use. Please note that the materials/plating may tarnish over time with exposure to chemicals, moisture, air humidity and individual's skin PH level.

Common Examples

  • Sunscreen / Perfume / Deodorant / Lotions / Hairspray / Cosmetics / Chlorine
  • Water / Humidity / Perspiration / Sea Water / Sea Breeze


It is recommended that you put on your jewelry last when dressing up. Should your items get wet, make sure to dry it off immediately. While tarnishing of jewelry may be inevitable especially under certain conditions and over a period of usage, you can definitely prolong its lifespan with really great care. It is not advisable to use any liquid solvent as it will shorten its life. It is best to just use a dry and soft jewelry polishing cloth or a normal optical lens cleaning cloth to gently clean the jewelry right after each wear. Anything else would be at your own risk.


Store all the jewelries into their respective boxes or velvet pouches when they are not in use, place them in a cool and dry area. Any delicate items should be stored separately to avoid tangling and/or breakage. We will not be liable for damaged merchandise due to careless usage and storage. 



We offer free repair service to products with damage as a result of normal wear and reasonable use within a grace period of sixty (60) days of the items purchased, exclude replacement of luxury materials (i.e. Swarovski elements etc.).

Subsequently, there will be a minimal repair fee
; depending on the damage level and intricacy of work needed, as well as components replacement which may come with additional charges unless retained and still usable loose part(s) is/are sent back to us together with the product for repair. HAUS OF PESH reserves the right to consider the repair cost variation on a case-by-case basis.

For all repairs, customers are responsible for shipping charges both ways.