Histories are beautiful stories hidden in the treasure chest of the past. Myths and legends are an array of captivating bewilderment locked up behind great walls. While amongst all fairytales and fantasies, the most interesting stories are often told with a twist of truths and lies from the perspective of a modern eye.
We call it creativity.



It all began with a rebellious heart; one of passion for justice and desire to achieve individuality; in a world where everyone dresses in the same fashion, carries bags told of the same story, and wore shoes to walk a standard life path. Patricia Pesh decides to spice up normalities and bring out the unique traits of different personalities as she believes all individuals should have something to speak for themselves in every setting
— A beautiful statement.

HAUS OF PESH is a radical line of hand fabricated fashion jewelry, bringing a perfect fusion of accessibility and haute couture style into the real world. The innate element of the brand is its unique boldness thoughtfully designed to signify the importance of rigidity abandonment and unapologetically radiates confidence in an extraordinary way regardless of the basic fine lines or complex high drama art forms. HAUS OF PESH summons the profound elegance found in the strength and free spirit of the modern people.

Conceptualized through collections of stories, we work towards illuminating the charm of personality by translating attitudes into style. The fire in our DNA gives spark to our mission in creating what we recognize as [pesh·ion]; the key enhancement assembled into simple pleasures we adorn on ourselves on a daily basis. The essence of the label lies in our efforts to redefine yesterday; implementing a connection between the ancient, contemporary, and the future. With every burst of colors, curves of a structure and mixture of materials put together, HAUS OF PESH unravels style with an elevated aesthetic pleasure.



Growing up, Pesh was a curious and mischievous kid. She was often told to obey, be good and "be just like others". Following people's footsteps and be on the safe side of the road never helped to make life anymore comprehensible nor better. A moment came when she struck a balance of defiance and independence, following her heart's pursuit of dreams within her world, and mysteries beyond. 
For the first time, and ever since, she felt alive!


  “ The inception of my label struck me one day while drowning in the sea of monotonuos regularity attempting to find a perfect necklace that could not only match my dress, but also makes me feel as good as being in my own skin. Figured it has to be close to my heart, my personality and I wanted everyone to know just by looking at me. I wanted to be recognized for who I am even in a small way. I believe everyone has the right to it and I want to make it happen. So I made my very first statement necklace, and the love I felt instantly was so empowering! ”



Having to explore the creative fields from visual communication to fashion design; experienced the role of a graphic designer, fashion stylist, creative producer, visual and fashion merchandiser and event co-ordinator for Mercedes Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week 2013 in Malaysia.

All of which, gave birth to her label HAUS OF PESH.