Release: White Christmas

Just a handful of sugar sprinkled on this jolly season; we leisurely created a White Christmas collection to celebrate the joyful birth of our label. 

We have also developed our signature concept in this collection with Swarovski. Featuring a statement necklace showcasing two detachable neck festoons, with the option for you to interchange them front and back according to your outfit design. 

White Christmas is a capsule collection of HAUS OF PESH's key items inspired by the history, some myths and legends of this festive season. More often than not, a celebration in honor of positivity, brightness and happiness. Such as The Three Kings christmas poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow about a search for a prince who's destined to be King of a kingdom not human but divine - Christ. And how the ancient Romans and Egyptians adorned themselves in evergreens during this period. All in all, in many cases, it is a festival of unity and a show of kindness and of gratitude amongst people. All the reasons to reinstate beauty!


With Love, The Key Mistress
— Pesh.

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