Debut: Old World Mystique

HAUS OF PESH Debut Collection: Old World Mystique

We are pleased to announce the official launch of HAUS OF PESH e-commerce site, together with the showcase of our debut collection named Old World Mystique.

This wonderful collection is all about time travelling back to some phenomenal ancient periods. Going back to the roots has its significance as HAUS OF PESH highly values the idea of not forgetting our origins, and the word 'our' simply refers to the world in general.

We touched on the supernatural beings and events, culture, religions as well as personalities of the greek mythology, Persian empire, the Qing dynasty and also from the Egyptian history.

This collection is a brief run through of not just those mystifying past, but also the significant positive vibes abstracted from the subjects and their impact. Of course, with a twist of our own creativity.

As the saying goes, "People without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture, are like trees without roots." And a flower on a plant stays longer than a flower in a vase. This factual concept is extremely raw and beautiful.

We have created surprises while remembering and containing the original sparks of the stories we would like to share with our audiences. Hoping you will also realize the beauty we see through our eyes. Let us bring out your personality and have your attitude styled by our statement jewellery.

Old World Mystique collection will be split into two volumes and be released at separate times.

Welcoming Vol. One this fall. 

Stay tune for more updates!

With Love, The K
ey Mistress
— Pesh.   

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