"Born Fabulous!" - Bohn Fabulous

A week into the new year, are you feeling reborn? We'd love to have you a great start by introducing some great ideas for all the ladies out there whom are looking for some freshness to pair with great style. February outfit ideas for chinese new year, perhaps? 

HAUS OF PESH delightfully collaborated with the newly launched label, Bohn Fabulous, on their debut collection. This interesting and luxurious label we adore, has a twist in their product concept. And we are a sucker for that! They are, ideally, designed for moms-to-be yet very wearable for non-pregnant ladies at the same time. Here is how we do it:

Whether you are heading for a high tea session with your girlfriends, on a lunch date with your better half, or even a fun night out with colleagues or family. Adorn the dresses with any HAUS OF PESH jewelry for any occasion. Check out some of our favorite statement blings; definitely enhancing your lifestyle into wearable perfection, keeping in mind that we are all born fabulous!

Can you also spot our new product in one of the featured images? Stay tune to see when we dropping it!

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