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The EPIFIRNY is inspired by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's christmas poem on The Three Kings, where the three wise men travelled by night and sleep by day in search of the Prince foretold in the prophecy. They were guided by the stars in the sky to seek for the new born who's destined to be King one day, of a kingdom not human but divine - Christ. The EPIFIRNY also represents the christmas tree, the second phenomena of the season. A tradition back in the early days when the Egyptians would bring green palms into their homes as a symbol of life's triumph over death. The Romans would also adorn their house with evergreens during Saturnalia; a festival in honor of their god of agriculture, Saturnus. While the Druids decorated oak trees with golden apples.

Two neck charms; front and back. One is designed in the shape of an inverted (christmas) tree adorned with a line of swarovski stars, which symbolises the route taken by the three wise men to find the king of the divine. While the other is composed of dripping, or maybe hanging if one woiuld prefer, of swarovski crystal stars accompanied by spikes as a representation of being guarded by masculinity and fierceness. Both neck drops are removeable and changeable to front or back to fit to your desire. 

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