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    FLEUR D'OR is the blossom of spring's true happiness. It encompasses the essence of the morning sun and reflects the joy of wild nature. It is designed to the concept of awakening the long lost appreciation of simple pleasures and innocence. Flowers are pure joy and representation of feminineness. Put on a pretty flower ring to give yourself a womanly and classy look. Be simply fabulous.

    Open petals in polished gold metal, with all round decorative edge. Silver elements embellished with a tiny ball of white diamantés placed centrally.

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  2. HERA


    The HERA, symbolises marriage or a part thereof. In the name of the queen of olympian goddesses, it also signifies the strength and power of a woman. Loyalty, leadership and the feminine capability of birth. The construction of this particular necklace is simple yet consists of sophisticated thoughts on being the epitome of a woman. This comes in handy for a minimalistic look.

    Adjustable gold chain encrusted by a heart shaped pendant embellished with diamantés and orange rhinestones.

    HERA is also available in gold-purple.

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    The KHLORA, is named after Chloris and Flora — a nymph and a greek goddess of spring, flowers and new growth. Basically a symbol of nature. Two butterflies fluttering around in happiness evokes the joy and energy from the season of spring.  This particular ring can be worn from both ways and still look equally pretty. Begin your fluttery journey here.

    Consists of 2 crafted butterflies, in gold plated metals and fully embellished with diamantés. Attached by a twirled metal rod forming the ring.

    KHLORA is also  available in rose gold.

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    The PSYCHE, is based on the story of a beautiful princess who fell in love with Eros the cupid, and braved through a series of challenges just to get back with him. She was later turned into the Goddess of Soul. Bravery and beauty shines from within. She's also knowned as the butterfly goddess due to her butterfly wings. This beautifully crafted butterfly ring evokes femininity and deep sophistication. Definitely a sweet finger candy that wouldn't fail to catch anyone's attention. There's always a time to go soft.

    Featuring intricately decorated details on the wings of the butterfly with crystal embellishments all round the edge. Top it off with orange rhinestone centrally for the main emphasis. Ring size is adjustable.

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  5. JURY


    The JURY body chain is a summer's favorite! A fun and easy addition to your wardrobe for any possible outing purposes, from oversized tops and shorts to skinny pants paired with crops tops and an outwear or even a body fitted dress. Definitely worth having some fun with it.

    Made up of assorted chains and gold cross pendent with diamante embroideries.

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  6. RAWK


    The RAWK neckpiece evokes rawness with the materials used for its composition. It is a representation of the assumed first world of greek legends dated approximately 1900 BC, when along the timeline both mortals and immortals co-exist. When everything provided by the earth was in its original state. This necklace is crafted to be the most unpretentious and distinctive in its very own way.

    Earthy color scheme overall, with a composition of ropes and bronze metal hardware. 

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    KLIOTIX enters the doors of boho-chic, egyptian glamour and everything along the line. It can be pulled off easily for a dressy night out, good for beach vacations and absolutely no words needed for casual styling. It is the sugar with the spice that makes you everything nice, effortlessly! 

     Stringed emerald green sand beads thoughtfully assembled and bundled up with magnetic opening.

     KLIOTIX is also available in gray.

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    The CRUXIE, to a certain extent, resembles the southern cross constellation namely Crux. Clean and clear cut design of this ring will not go out of style. Don't be conservative towards giving your fingers all the blings they can ever ask for.  Wearable for any occasion.

    Rows of diamantés embellished along the crossover detail structure.

    CRUXIE is also available in gold and black.

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    The NIRVANA bracelet is adopted mainly from the eastern culture — stringed beads, pearls and precious stones. Ideas partially derived from religions in both China and India. This bracelets purely represents the indulgence of being in an ideal state of perfect happiness. Selection of beads are in the play for NIRVANA. Suitable for all ages and all occasions. Definitely worth to add these pieces to your armcandy collection!


    Double tier plated beads with diamantés fully embellished, fronting the bracelet.

    Bead diameter: 1.4cm (approx.)


    If you can't buy the available sizes off the shelf, HAUS OF PESH provides size customization for NIRVANA braceletes only.

    1) Simply go to the size chart link (below or under FAQ). Follow instruction and measure your exact wrist size. Keep in mind this bracelet is elastic, it will most likely stretched and loosen more.
    2) Send us an email stating your (i) exact wrist measurement and the (ii) allowance or fit of the bracelet you desire (in inches or cm).
    3) Wait for our confirmation reply on the availability.


    NIRVANA is also available in: pastel green + pastel yellow | beige + grey | red + black.

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    Following the footsteps of FORTUNATUS, this finger piece found its roots back into the third century where elongated rectangular shaped shields were used by the Romans. Similar to its purpose, shield represents protection and FORTUNATUS ll in its distinctive and unisex self evokes strength and bravery of a warrior as well as positive vibes of an edgy, modernized and courageous person. Not too loud on a man, yet loud enough on a lady. Dress this up on your fingers and dress up your soul. 

    The blazing shield.

    Crafted from a base of masculine ideas, glamoured up with tinted gold on polished metal surface. Inclusive of slightly intricate details on the sides and symmetrical 4-point diamantés embellishment.


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