Greetings to our fellow Peshians, and those who are wandering along the streets of HAUS OF PESH. Are you lost in our world of finely intensified game of bejewel? We are now setting paths for your visual aid to this maze. The versatility of our line is designed to cater to anyone with a burning desire of magnifying his or her own glory. Pardon us for the very limited mens selection at the moment guys, but you got us thinking...

We desire to dress anyone from day to night, casual to formal, edgy to classy to glamorous! If you have questions like "Will this work on me?" or "How do I make these jewelry fit into my life?" popping in your head, we are here to give you the answers! Follow us on a monthly style journey featuring one key jewelry at a time. Seeing is believing; only if you believe in magic, you will see it.



First feature on H.O.P Style Guide, we pick a weekend — when birds' melodious chirping could be heard much earlier than any other day. It is also the day when ladies and gentlemen ease off from their usual restrictive sartorial looks and have more thoughts into effortless chic.

To go easy we have picked one of the most versatile item, HERA, from the debut collection Old World Mystique Volume 1. It is the best go-to jewelry for a no brainer lazy day. Smartened up the casual t-shirt and shorts alittle with a blazer and a pair of gold heels. Throw in some sparkle from HERA for a little bit of shine. Of course no harm adorning yourself with a few other jewelry such as bracelets and rings.




HERA is a long and adjustable drop necklace in gold body, comes with orange or purple rhinestones. Click here for more information about the product.

Here, we also have some accompaniments for the look:

(i) NIRVANA bracelet 

(ii) CRUXIE rings 

(iii) ROCASS rings 



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