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The Key Mistress 


Histories are beautiful stories hidden in the treasure chest of the past. Fairytales, folklores and fantasies are an array of captivating bewilderment locked up behind great walls; forgotten in time. Amongst all myths and legends, the most interesting stories are often told with a twist of truths and lies from the perspective of a modern eye.
We call it creativity.
However, not only are we the pair of creative modern eyes passionate about taking you on a journey of wonder, but also the key to closed doors of forgotten dreams and reality yet to be brought (back) to life.



Committed to progressive quality of life in a world where everyone is dressed in conformity,
all their handbags have the same thing to say and all their shoes bring them to the same place,
Attitude styled louder equates to the shine of personality in silence.

A radical line of fashion jewelry, which upholds individualistic cultures. 

HAUS OF PESH strives to illuminate the charm of individual's personality and attitude with the right piece of jewelry. Its "Pesh-ion" [pas·sion] and mission are to create the key enhancement assembled into every individual's style with versatility to suit many occasions. The innate element of the brand is its unique boldness designed with conceptualized significance to radiate confidence in an extraordinary way; from essential rawness and basic fine lines to high drama. With the expertise and craftsmanship of artisans across the globe, each piece of jewelry is interpreted and personally handcrafted through perspective of the label’s original muse and creative key mistress; Pesh. 


In HAUS OF PESH, the idea of 'refining yesterday' — which is the core essence of the label — is implemented to create a connection between the ancient, the contemporary, and the future. We bind inspiring visionary experiences together with emotional values to present a story or a grand picture through a series of concept based collections.


 "An enhancement, costume to empower and create a daily statemented attitude intrinsically."



“I was just this mischievous little dare devil, who was everywhere, trying to do things that were forbidden; climbing high and low, jumping up and down, not caring a single bit about the world; how they looked at me and what they said..., especially when told to comply with the social norm. Growing up, I was often told to follow people’s footsteps, conform to the usuals and to be on the safer side of the road. Despite knowing it was all in the name of love, I was lost in the maze of unhappiness. Not happy being the same as others, not happy blending in, not happy that I could not show you who I really am. Finally, it struck me; I was unhappy not able to live a life where my passion can take me. All I wanted was to be a unique person, at my best for myself every single day. I feel that is a basic necessity in every mankind. To be as individual as possible.”

— Pesh.

She spent part of her childhood cutting out all her newly bought dresses to decorate her toy house, and from playing dressmaker for her naked barbie dolls, to building lego castles, and racing remote control cars with her dad to skateboarding with her friends.  Also, an outdoor lover, Pesh enjoyed watching the movements of clouds and playing with endless imagination through her vision. Deep in her, she finds joy enhancing simple pleasures, and the love for turning grey hue to vibrant summer light.

Having to explore in the creative field from visual communication to fashion design, worked as a junior graphic designer, fashion stylist, creative content producer, visual merchandiser to fashion merchandiser and event co-ordinator for Mercedes Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

HAUS OF PESH was born from her love of styling and accessorizing; it officially launched in 2014.
She continues her search for inspiration and direction not only from the fashion world and the little red dot city state she was born in,
but also through all parts of the world's cultures, architecture, their very own people, histories and happenings.